a 3D realtime strategy game

Current version:
Not playable (Alpha)

StormWar overview

Important notice

Due to a lack of free time, this project has been discontinued.

You can check out this more advanced remake (Rising Storm)

Or grab the source code on GitHub

Or have a look at my other project (Paysages 3D)


StormWar is a 3D realtime strategy game inspired by a quite unknown but great old game: NetStorm, Islands at war.
It is released under the GPL license.

What was NetStorm ?

The game takes place in the air, above the clouds.
You control a Priest that can use knowledge and power from four "Furies" (rain, sun, thunder and wind) to fight other Priests and defend your island.
To reach this goal, you collect storm power in geysers then build temples, workshops, bridges and units.
And finally, you capture other Priests and sacrifice them in an Altar to earn their knowledge and power.
This game was really multiplayer oriented and fast-paced. It was pretty innovative, quite fun and very addictive.

What will be StormWar ?

Strictly speaking, StormWar will not really be a game, but rather a game engine.
The goal of this project is to develop an engine:

  • Simple enough for people with only a few computer skills to edit or create mods (mods are handled as human-readable data files).
  • With sufficient functionalities to make great strategy-based games.

The StormWar official release will include:

  • The StormWar engine, written in C.
  • The 'default' mod, namely the StormWar mod, which will tend to look like NetStorm.
  • Maybe other interesting mods and/or testing mods.

Feature progress towards v1.0:

  • DONE: will only be bug fixed or slightly modified.
  • WIP: work in progress (next version will bring more of it).
  • TODO: will be worked on later.

  • Core engine
    • System things
      • Group low-level functions
    • Data management
    • Modules management
    • Built-in shell
    • Threading system
  • Graphics engine
    • Screen management
    • Mouse and keyboard processing
    • Texture management
    • 2D objects with effects
    • Drawing facilities
    • Text drawing with fonts
    • Grouped 3D objects
    • LOD system
    • Animation system based on keyframes
    • 3D transparency
    • Ghost objects
    • Particle system
    • Simple light system
      • Hierarchical lights
    • Effects
      • Electric bolts
      • Fire
      • Rain
      • Light glowing
  • Graphical user interface
    • Widgets system
    • Dialogs
    • Buttons
    • Scrollbars
    • Text inputs
    • Lists
    • Menu bar
    • Side panel
    • Game dialogs
  • Sound engine
    • Music system
    • Samples system
    • Virtual 3D positioning
  • Network engine
    • Initial specification
  • Game engine
    • New specification